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About Virtual Dermatologic

Virtual Dermatologic is a dermatologist created cloud-based software platform that enables Dermatologists to provide teledermatology services to their patients. Our technology is transparent to your customers. We will configure a web portal integrated into your website for your patients and provide a customized smart phone app for your patients to use. They can use essentially any platform to upload their information and photos. We are a transparent, backend technology. All your patients know is you offer unparalleled access to your services.



Patient benefits:

  • Convenient, unparalleled access. Anytime from Anywhere.
  • Simple user interface on nearly any device.

Dermatologist benefits:

  • Increase efficiency-efficient specialty specific dermatologist reading platform
  • Broaden your case mix
  • Lower overhead
  • Mid level support and oversight
  • More robust practice. See the patients you need to see in person. Allows more efficient allocation of procedural or medical resources.
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